Valentine Destrait

Valentine Destrait

Val has been with Little Web Giants since April 2015 and is active in both web development and online marketing. She has a broad skill set ranging from graphic design, through communication strategy, to website coding.

Her background is in art and she studied in Brussels achieving a BA in Photography from art school ESA LE 75, and an MA in Cultural Management from Université Libre de Bruxelles.

On top of her creative abilities, Val has a particular knack for logically structuring information and foreseeing any difficulties that may arise throughout a project. Her input at the beginning of a project is often invaluable and ensures a smooth and pain-free workflow.

For over six years, Val has worked in the Berlin art scene and still works part-time for renowned glassblowing studio Berlin Glas e.V., where she organises events and manages communication, which entails content management, social media and email marketing, as well as more traditional marketing channels. Her breadth of knowledge and ability to adapt to different roles makes her a fantastic contributor to the Little Web Giants team. Furthermore, it allows her to combine her passion for art and creativity with her proficiency with computers.

Val is from Belgium and speaks fluent French, English and German.