Social Media Marketing Guide: Facebook


Everything you need to know about the six most popular social networks for businesses: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. In today’s post, Facebook. Recently I won the Biggest Social Geek competition generously hosted by Marin Software, the largest third-party aggregator of paid search spend globally. As a result, I am winning a trip to […]


Online Marketing on a Budget

This slideshow was used in conjunction with a presentation for Social Media Week Berlin 2014. There was also an accompanying Marketing on a Low Budget Worksheet with activities for participants. Many of the thought leaders in online marketing have worked for big brands with big budgets. Often what they recommend is difficult to scale down and is […]


43 Social Bookmarking Sites and How To Use Them

Social Bookmarking

The last few years have seen many in the SEO community proclaiming that social bookmarking sites are dead. Although not completely accurate, this statement has a pinch of truth to it. Black hat and grey hat techniques that were effective prior to Google’s Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda updates often leant heavily on social bookmarking sites. […]


How do we perceive colour?

An understanding of the human visual perception system is crucial to great design. It complements more creative ways of understanding colours, such as colour meanings, the emotions they invoke and their applications to branding. Being creatives at heart, many designers’ eyes glaze over at the thought of trawling through physics and biology textbooks to unravel […]


Google Adwords geo-targeting

bug image-John Tann from Flickr

Location targeting exhibits problems for some search terms

Targeting ads to geographic locations in Google Adwords has been around from as far back as 2006. It allows advertisers to target certain countries, states, cities, regions and even postcodes (in 11 countries). It is especially useful for local businesses who wish to have their ad only show up for searches in the area which they service.


Transmediale and Art Hack Day Berlin 2014

Last week I went along to the opening of Berlin’s transmediale festival, a 5 day long conference, exhibition and performance series that explores the impacts of emerging digital technologies on art, culture and psychology. This year’s theme was “afterglow”, a term that usually refers to the experience of a drug comedown: the time when the effects of altered states of consciousness are lingering after the experience has already peaked.