Online Marketing on a Budget

This slideshow was used in conjunction with a presentation for Social Media Week Berlin 2014. There was also an accompanying Marketing on a Low Budget Worksheet with activities for participants.

Many of the thought leaders in online marketing have worked for big brands with big budgets. Often what they recommend is difficult to scale down and is not applicable to small to medium enterprises, lean startups and not-for-profits. In this slideshow, Little Web Giants co-founders Paul and Melanie explore targeted approaches to online marketing that require less dollars and more brains.

How can you drive more traffic to your website without making Google rich? How can you reach more social media followers without paying Facebook? How can you increase engagement and conversions on your campaigns? What are the low-hanging fruit that can quickly help you reach your online goals?

These questions and more are explored in ‘Marketing on a Low Budget’. Enlarge your bag of tricks for achieving success online. In addition, gain criteria for assessing any given strategy to see if it is useful to you, saving you countless hours of time as you only focus on what works. Stop burning cash and start kicking goals.

If you are involved in a small to medium-sized business or a not-for-profit, check it out and learn how you can get noticed. No millionaires allowed.

Thanks a lot to Social Media Week Berlin for having us at their brilliant event!